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There’s lots to consider when it comes to buying or selling property. Our online conveyancing help will assist you to learn about the conveyancing process. We explain the stages of conveyancing and more.

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The cost of a conveyancer, excluding third-party fees, can ranges between $1,800-$2,500, depending on the matter.

On top of this fee, you will be required to pay for disbursements. These are fees that have been paid on your behalf by the conveyancer that are reimbursed. These include searches or certificates that disclose rates, amounts owed, and the history of your property.

Solicitors are typically more expensive than conveyancers because they are qualified lawyers, but we have a hybrid model using a mix of both solicitors and conveyancers.

We’re home to lawyers and certified conveyancers, giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with expert legal advice.

We’ll give you expert support and guidance and enable you to transact quickly and easily.

Conveyancers can draw up legal documents, manage and/or advise clients on legal transactions.

Conveyancers help clients buy and sell property, ensuring all legal obligations are met and that their client’s rights are protected during the transaction.

A solicitor or conveyancer’s local knowledge of the area is always something that could prove to be useful and of a benefit to you in your sale, however, conveyancing is very widely done across NSW and knowledge of the area is not specifically required.

You’ll need either a licensed conveyancer or a solicitor to help. A very common question people ask us is ‘what is the difference between a Solicitor and Conveyancer, and which one should I use?’

Which you choose is up to you – read our article for more information.

Negotiate a fixed fee with your solicitor or licensed conveyancer for the work, rather than an hourly rate.

We provide fixed fees to all our customers. Contact us for a free quote.

As well as a legal service fee you will usually be charged for disbursements, which may include:

  • A title search
  • Certificate fees charged by authorities with responsibility for water, electricity, roads, schools etc.
  • Registering the mortgage
  • Registering the transfer

Conveyancing costs, other than legal fees and disbursements, may include:

  • Building and pest inspections
  • Survey report
  • Establishment of mortgage
  • Home building insurance
  • Valuation fees
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Stamp duty and mortgage duty
  • Levies, if the property is in a strata or community scheme
  • Council and water rates.

As conveyancers and property lawyers, we disclose these costs in quotes and on settlement. 

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