Everything you need to know about title protection

When buying a property there are many inherent risks that may cause you loss or affect your ownership.

Title protection provides comprehensive cover against these risks, once settlement has taken place. It can also provide compensation for loss in value or reimbursement of expenses following a successful claim under the policy.

You can arrange title protection at the time of purchasing your property.

What is title insurance NSW?

Title protection is a one-time premium (not an annual expense) and provides coverage for the time of your ownership. There is no excess payable on claims.

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Title insurance is a simple policy that could protect you from unknown property ownership risks that threaten your right to occupy and use your land.

Title insurance in NSW also protects you from risks that arise in the future, like forgery and fraud, encroachments and unregistered easements on your property.

Illegal structures
Title insurance could cover you for building works or renovations of a previous owner without the required council approval, examples include decks, pergolas or carports.
Incorrect boundaries
Title insurance provides cover for boundary issues and structures that have not been built within the true boundary (other than boundary walls and fences).
Encroaching structures
Title insurance could provide cover if someone builds a structure (other than a boundary wall or fence) on your land without your knowledge or consent.
Planning and zoning laws
Title insurance could provide cover if you can’t use or live in your property because it is not zoned residential.
Identity theft and fraud
Title insurance could provide cover for fraud that might result in your land being sold to another owner or a fraudulent mortgage taken against your land. 

The cost of title insurance is based on the property type and purchase price. 

Contact your insurance broker or insurance provider for a quote.

The cost of a conveyancer, excluding third-party fees, can range between $1,800-$2,500, depending on the matter.

On top of this fee, you will be required to pay for disbursements. These are fees that have been paid on your behalf by the conveyancer that are reimbursed. These include searches or certificates that disclose rates, amounts owed, and the history of your property.