Selling a property?
Let’s get started.

Thanks for completing our selling a property form. We’re looking forward to helping you with the sale of your property.

For us to prepare your Contract of Sale, we require an initial $330 payment.  This can be done via bank transfer or credit card*

For credit card payments, we will send you a secure payment link via our conveyancing app after our team has opened your file.  This will help reduce the risk of being scammed or hacked.

The payment is non-refundable.  It is, however, deducted from the price we have already quoted you.  The remainder of the account is paid at settlement, so please, do not transfer the whole amount.

Our bank details are as follows:

BSB: 062806
Account Number: 10458288
Account Name: RM Legal & Conveyancing
Reference: Your last name and first initial

Please email a copy of the transaction receipt to We will then order your searches immediately instead of having to wait for the funds to arrive in our account.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on

Ph: (02) 4018 7555


*Please note:  We use Stripe to process credit card transactions.  Stripe charges for using their credit card facility. The amount you see on your statement will be more than $330.  If you wish to save money, please pay via bank transfer on your bank app or in the branch.

Do NOT transfer deposits or payments for the property you are purchasing to this account. All 0.25% and 10% deposits must go to the real estate agent’s trust account.

6 Steps to selling a property​

Whether you’re selling an investment property or family home, we’ll help you through the process of selling, from contract preparations to settlement. We’re here to help with all the steps of your property journey.

Step 2

We'll create the contract of sale including the certificates that must be included in the contract. We'll then provide the contract of sale to your agent.

Step 3

When an offer has been accepted, or an auction has been successful, we send the contract to both you and to the buyer’s property lawyer or conveyancer for signing, and the property is taken off the market.

Step 5

Settlement takes place and the buyer is provided the keys to the property.

Step 6

Once settlement is complete, the agent will invoice you the amount due, with fees based on the final sale price.

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