Julie MacDougall – RM Property & Conveyancing

Julie MacDougall

Licensed Conveyancer

‘Do not break the rules’ and ‘get a receipt’ are Julie’s favourite mottos. She’s the I dotter, T crosser, rule connoisseur and resident banking queen of the RM Property Conveyancing team. 

Her career in property and conveyancing spans more than 25 years, so she has seen it all and done it all. 

Julie has the special talent of recalling rules and regulations from 20 years ago and doesn’t forget a face.

She’s the kind, no nonsense team leader who gets the job done for her clients – first time, every time. Importantly, Julie is our resident gym junkie who motivates the rest of us with her daily ‘gym selfie’ and ‘empowering speeches’, so long as we don’t break the rules!

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