The Journey To Your New Property Has Just Begun.

From our experience, we know the beginning of the property purchase can be the most stressful time for most buyers. 

If that’s you, here is some information about the process which will make this as stress free as possible.

What To Do After Your Offer Is Accepted

It is the most common question asked by buyers after their offer has been accepted.  Follow these steps and you will have everything under control.

Step 5 - Contact your lender/broker

Advise your lender or broker about your offer being accepted. Give them our contact details too so they can contact us to request a copy of the contract.

Step 6 - Find your passport or birth certificate

Everyone who buys or sells a property now must have their Verification of Identity completed. This is all done via a link we send you in a couple of days time. To be verified, you will need a passport or birth certificate and a drivers licence or ID card.

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