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Houses with a pool or spa are required to obtain a Pool Certificate or Certificate of Compliance. Here’s everything you need to know.

NSW pool owners must meet the pool regulations and safety standards in order to sell a property. It is now law that a property being sold with a pool or spa must have a Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Non Compliance in the Contract of Sale.

ALL properties being put on the market in NSW with a swimming pool or spa:

  • Must be registered – if you haven’t done so already, you can register online
  • Have a valid certificate of compliance (or non compliance)
  • A valid occupation certificate (which cannot be older than 3 years).

How does this effect the sale of a property?

In order to put your property on the market, you must have the pool or spa inspected by a licenced pool inspector.

The pool inspector will issue you with a compliance certificate or a non-compliance certificate.  Either one will allow your real estate agent to advertise and show people through your property.

What if you don’t have a Certificate?

Without it, the Contract for Sale cannot be issued to the agent and therefore cannot be sold.

How can you apply for a Certificate of Compliance?

There are two ways you can obtain the certificate:

  • By applying to the local Council of where the property is located. Some councils allow you to book an inspection online
  • A private certifier can inspect your pool. You’ll find plenty of them online or ask your real estate agent, or give us a call.

The certificate from the council inspection can take up to 14 days to register online and a private certifier will take around 48 hours.

What is involved?

The inspector will visit the property and run through a checklist looking at all the safety issues. Once they have completed the inspection they will produce a report and register the Certificate to an online database. Our team is able to download a copy of the certificate and add it to your Contract for Sale.

How much does the certificate of compliance cost?

At the time of writing, councils were charging $150 for inspections.  Private certifiers vary with their fees. Generally, they are around the $200 to $250 mark. Private inspectors are a lot faster than council, so if you’re in a hurry to get your house in the market, then a certified pool inspection will probably be best.

Does this include rental properties?

Yes, the new rules apply to rental properties too, so if you own an investment property that has a pool, please organise an inspection of the property as soon as possible.

Will your pool or spa comply?

The NSW Government has created a checklist which allow you to self-assess before the pool inspector shows up to your property.

Tips for spa owners

Make sure you have an up to date resuscitation sign. You can grab one of these from Bunnings or your local council. Your inspector will sometimes have one of these available but check with them before they come to see you. You will not comply without one.

A spa must have a lockable lid in order to comply.


What if the spa isn’t being included in the sale?

If it isn’t being included it does not have to be certified. However, make sure this is clearly marked on your Contract of Sale as an exclusion.

Can I organise a Certificate of Compliance after I find a buyer?

No. Many vendors want to save as much expense as possible when selling which is totally understandable. The bad news is, this isn’t one of those areas where you can save money.

The NSW Government and the Law Society have legislated that a pool or spa Certificate of Compliance is required to be included in the Contract of Sale before the property can be marketed.

Can my agent advertise the property without the certificate?

The answer is the same as the response above. Legally the property cannot be advertised until there is a Contract of Sale is prepared by the conveyancer. The contract cannot be issued until the compliance certificate is provided.

Do you have any questions about the pool certificate and pool regulations?

Please ask any questions in the COMMENTS section below and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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